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Since 1994 we have been providing a Mac Repair Service and Support for our Apple Mac customers in Falkirk, Stirling, Dunblane, Alloa, Grangemouth, Cumbernauld and throughout central Scotland.

Most of our mac repair customers are domestic users, but many are small businesses operating in the creative industries; video, music, graphic design, photography, etc.

In recent years, we increasingly have more business customers who simply prefer to use the Mac OS operating system. Many Apple Mac Computer users have become Mac converts via other Apple technologies. For example, iPhone and iPad.

If you need an Apple Mac Repair or just some support or advice, please contact us by telephone or email. We can usually provide a good diagnosis and estimate at first contact.

Telephone: 01324 882882 or Email:

Or use the Contact Form on our Home Page

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We have access to competitively priced genuine Apple spare parts and components:-

  • New Batteries for MacBook and MacBook Pro
  • Replacement screens for MacBook and MacBook Pro
  • Motherboards for iMac, PowerMac and Mac Pro
  • Replacement Screens and Glass for iMac
  • Internal Power Supplies for iMac, PowerMac, Mac Pro

We also provide assistance with:-

  • System software corruption problems
  • Directory structure problems and data recovery

Mac Repair Guarantee

Every mac repair that we carry out will have a minimum guarantee of at least 6 months and possibly 12 months:-

6 Months Guarantee: This is for repairs where we have needed to use refurbished or used parts due to the age of the Apple Mac being repaired. Often, for older models, it is simply not possible to get brand new parts.

12 Months Guarantee: This is for repairs where we have supplied brand new parts to effect a repair or an upgrade, such as replacing a traditional hard drive with a solid state drive.

Obviously, we can only guarantee our repairs limited to the area of work that we carry out, and not the entire computer. But we will inspect all aspects and provide advice for you.

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