Mac Upgrades and Peripherals

MacCentral provide great value Mac Upgrades for customers in central Scotland.

Apple like to be at the cutting edge of technology and are usually well ahead of other manufacturers when it comes to introducing new components and technologies.

The downside is that the earlier these new technologies and components are incorporated into Apple computers, the more expensive they are. So most of us end up getting the mid-range or lower-range iMac or MacBook, the ones without the solid-state drive or the extra memory or the external optical drive, etc.

But within a few years these new technologies are accepted by other manufacturers and the price reduces dramatically … a good time for Apple Mac Upgrades. If you’re interested in upgrading your Mac … contact us; we have access to thousands of computer components at great prices.

Memory Upgrades

It’s still the case that the best thing you can do for your computer is to increase the amount of RAM Memory that it has. As operating systems grow more complex, the amount of memory they use gets greater – leaving less for your key programs. If you’re on the limit of your memory, your computer will be running slow, no matter how new it is or how ‘fast’ the processor is.

Mac Upgrades More Memory

Solid State Drives

These can replace a standard hard disk making your computer start up and run programs much faster. Reading and writing speeds are more than 20 times faster than a standard hard disk. And, thanks to no moving parts, they are more reliable, so you data is safer. In the last year, these have become available in larger sizes and at much more reasonable cost.

Mac Upgrade SSD Solid State Drive

External Optical Drive

Yes, you’re new Mac no longer has an optical drive. But if you need it … you need it.

Mac Peripherals External Optical Drive

External Hard Drive

For extra storage capacity or for back up purposes. Easy to carry and connect. USB or Thunderbolt

Internal Hard Drive

Maybe the internal drive was big enough at the time you bought the computer, but not anymore …